When a Child Custody Attorney in Martinsburg, WV Would Be Needed

When a couple has children together but decides to separate or divorce, deciding who gets custody of the children will be one of the issues of concern. Child custody may also be an issue if the parents are not married but the parent who has the child or children is abusing them. A child custody attorney in Martinsburg, WV advises and represents those are trying to get the custody of their child or children. Here are some things parents need to keep in mind about child custody and other family law in West Virginia.

Things to Know About Child Custody Laws in West Virginia

West Virginia is a state that allows for joint custody to the parents of the child or children and also honors the ruling on child custody outcomes in other states. If the two parents are able to come up with an agreement on their own regarding the custody and visitation of the child or children, the courts will generally honor that. However, the courts also take into consideration the wishes of the child or children in the matter.

More Things About Child Custody Laws in West Virginia

Other factors that will be considered in child custody cases include, but are not limited to, each parent’s ability to financially care for the child, the emotional support each parent can offer, and the kind of environment each parent can offer for the child. The ability of the parent to ensure the educational needs of the child will also play a large role in the custody of the child. Getting an attorney who is able to present the parent’s most positive points will help.

Getting an Attorney in West Virginia

When looking for an attorney in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area or the Romney, West Virginia area, the client should look at the track record of the attorney in question. The Sherman Law Firm offers professional attorneys who can provide adequate representation for child custody matters and other family law issues. If any person is looking for a child custody attorney in Martinsburg, WV, this law firm is available. Find more information by visiting the website at lshermanlawfirm.com.

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