What You Need to Know About National Moving Companies in Denver

Movers that specialize in long distance moves can move you across the state or the country and are typically national moving companies. Denver is home to some such reliable and trustworthy movers. Before hiring these movers, it is important to understand the different types of long distance moves.

Types of Long Distance Moves
Most movers consider a move that is over 100 miles from your old home to your new one as a long distance move. A long distance move which is an interstate move means that a state line is crossed. This kind of move requires national moving companies.

An interstate move can also be a move that starts in one state and ends in the same state, but another state’s border is crossed during the move. Although this may not happen in the Denver area, in certain parts of New England, often the only way to move from one town or city to another within the same state is to go through another state.

A move that originates in the United States and crosses the border to either Canada or Mexico is also considered an interstate move. National moving companies typically need to follow special procedures and fill out customs forms as household goods, and items are exported from one country and imported into another.

The last type of interstate move originates and ends in the same state but crosses an international border. People are moving to Alaska often find that it is easier and faster to go through Canada if moving from Northern Alaska to the south or vice versa.

Moving Company Requirements
If planning a move from Denver out of state, it is important to calculate the exact number of miles in the move so that you can contact national moving companies.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for interstate moves. The primary duty of the FMCSA is to reduce injuries, crashes, and fatalities that involve large trucks by developing and enforcing very specific regulations that balance the efficiency of motor carriers with safety.

A long distance mover also needs to have a United States Department of Transportation number. Having a USDOT number means that the mover complies with all the regulations of the FMCSA.

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