What to Look for with Trucking Jobs in Wisconsin

Trucking jobs are some of the most exciting jobs available in the modern economy. They are especially suited for those who don’t find the typical office job appealing and embrace the idea of having autonomy in their work. A few tips provided below can help you find the right trucking company to work for in Wisconsin.

Search for a trucking company that has been in the industry for decades, as this is an indication that the company has acquired a very loyal customer base. This translates to job security for you long term. Make sure the company follows the industry’s best practices as well.

Look for a company that pays practical miles; this equates to about 5 percent more than the briefest household goods (HHG) mile. You can expect to earn more than 50 cents for each practical mile in some of today’s best trucking jobs. Wisconsin trucking companies also offer benefits that enable you to enjoy a secure and stable future as a truck driver, such as competitive health benefits, flex spending, tuition reimbursement and even excellent opportunities to have home-time.

Track Record
Top companies in the field are known for their reliability. They are there to support you so you can stay focused on your job. They are also dependable in the eyes of their customers, priding themselves on their on-time delivery track records, the care they exercise when handling cargo and their competitive pricing. The best companies today also work hard to consistently integrate cutting-edge practices and technologies to keep their fleets in the best shape possible and ensure that their drivers’ needs are met on the road.

Application Process
Trucking companies that are hiring in Wisconsin may allow you to apply directly on their websites – a convenient way to fill out your job application. You may also download and print out an application or contact the company for an application that you can mail or fax back. Filling out a trucking job application with a trusted company in the industry is the first step to experiencing a rewarding long-term career in a promising field.

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