What To Look For In a Bio-Hazard Cleanup Company

In Chicago, fire or water damage is not unusual. When it occurs, it may be possible for the homeowner or business to clean it up on his or her own. This is not the case with another form of damage. In the case of hoarding, suicide, murder or industrial accident, it is essential to call in a professional. This is a bio-hazard cleanup and it requires the best technicians possible to ensure the job is done right the first time.

A bio-hazard cleanup is not the average type of cleaning. It involves some unique and very complex services. It also poses risks for the cleanup company not necessarily faced by regular restoration teams. This type of cleaning requires an understanding of the science of decontamination and bioremediation.  It is very important that you select a company that is well versed, qualified and able to handle all aspects of the intricate process of biohazard remedial cleaning.

Evaluating a Bio-Hazard Cleanup Company

To determine whether the Chicago company you have chosen is capable and qualified to handle a bio-hazard cleanup, it is imperative you ascertain through research and direct contact whether they possess the following characteristics:

  • Possession of expertise in biohazard remediation
  • OSHA training in job-specific areas e.g. Lift and Fall Protection or Hearing Safety
  • Training by OSHA in transporting and handling of medical waste – for hospital-related bio-hazard cleanup
  • Indication of adherence to and understanding of environmental and regulatory compliance rules
  • Proof the company carried the proper types of insurance to protect their employees, e.g. workers compensation insurance
  • Possession of other types of applicable insurance including general liability (commercial type) environmental liability, theft and property damage
  • Auto insurance is a must as well as proof that the drivers are fully licensed in Chicago and are legally allowed to handle biohazard cleanup waste as well as medical waste products
  • Have a list they will provide you of the chemicals they will lose during the bioremediation process
  • Listen to you regarding your preference for natural methods but be able to explain to you whether the circumstances will allow them to employ the suggested methods and why they may need to utilize less environmentally friendly chemicals

In addition, a reputable company will have no problems about showing you that they have provided all the requisite vaccinations for their bio-hazard cleanup technicians. They will also indicate to you that they do not contact out any of their work.

Bio-Hazard Cleanup in Chicago

Rules and regulations are put into place to protect consumers. By following them and being completely OSHA compliant, bioremediation companies indicate they are capable and expert in this area. If you select companies that adhere to the principles and have received training by OSHA, you can almost guarantee the company you choose to handle a bio-hazard cleanup in your Chicago home or business will be qualified, experts and completely professional in their work.

In Chicago, Bio-Hazard Cleanup presents a unique set of problems to be overcome. At Roto Restoration, we are not only trained in bio-hazard clean up and removal but are also equipped to deal with mold, and damage from water, floods, fire and smoke. We work with you to help you find the best and most affordable method to restore your home to pre-disaster conditions. For more information about our family-owned and operated company, contact us online at www.getarotorestoration.com.

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