What To Expect When Taking A Cat To A Vet Hospital In Roswell

Cats are curious and this inherited trait often gets them into trouble or danger. If your cat or kitten has a medical emergency, you shouldn’t waste any time getting the animal to a Vet Hospital in Roswell. Read these two questions and answers to learn more information about medical treatment for a cat during an emergency.

Q.) How can a cat owner tell if the animal needs immediate medical treatment?

A.) Visible signs of trauma, such as bleeding or a broken bone, requires veterinary treatment right away. Cats that have ingested poison should also be taken to an animal hospital as soon as possible. Signs that indicate a cat is ill include vomiting blood, refusal to eat or drink, frequent meowing or howling and loose stools. When a cat isn’t as active as normal and the animal just wants to nap, this is another sign that the cat isn’t feeling well.

Q.) What does a veterinarian do when an ill cat is brought into the clinic?

A.) After recording the required information about the animal, the vet will begin examining the cat. Pet owners should remain calm while the vet is performing the examination. An owner that’s overemotional can cause the cat to become anxious. The pet owner must also be able to answer any questions the vet may ask about the animal’s symptoms and medical history. When the vet is finished with the exam, the cat will receive the proper medical treatment. The vet may order blood tests, x-rays, and additional diagnostic tests. If necessary, the vet may need to perform a surgical procedure on the animal. Before any type of treatment is started, the veterinarian at the Vet Hospital in Roswell will discuss all the treatment options with the owner of the pet.

If you have an animal that becomes ill or has a medical emergency, immediately transport your pet to the Animal Hospital Of Nesbit Ferry Crossing. This veterinarian hospital also provides general animal exams, pet dentistry services, surgical procedures and lab testing procedures. To schedule an appointment for any of their services, visit the website at Ahnfc.com and fill in the online form or call them at the office.

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