What to Expect From Puyallup Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are busier than ever as people continue the downsizing trend that began with the recession. Tiny houses have become a popular home style and the need to store extra possessions elsewhere is making more people than ever turn to storage units for their overflow of furnishings and other items. If you are new to the world of rental storage, you may not know what to expect. Here are a few tips to make it easier for you.

* Choose a space you are certain you can afford. If your rental fee is not paid, you could lose your stored property. Be certain you know when the fee is due and all of your available methods of payment to avoid any delays or concerns.

* Not all

* Puyallup Storage Facilities

* are the same. There can be differences in the amount of security, when you are able to access your unit and whether or not they offer climate control. Ask questions to make certain they are open according to your schedule and offer the extras that are important to you.

* Most companies price their storage units by the amount of space used, but some have rates based on weight instead.

* There are very clear rules about what cannot be stored in these spaces. Storage companies do not want anything flammable, any food products (including pet food) or anything living (including plants).

* Many offer rental parking spaces too for RVs, ATVs and other vehicles. Some are covered, some are not, but all typically provide a high level of security.

* Most will allow you to use the space for as long or short a time span as needed, but charges are typically based on a month-to-month basis.

* A lot of storage facilities are owned by moving companies. These businesses will often assist with packing, moving and transporting property from your location to their facility.

There is a huge variety in the types of services and the quality of services offered by Puyallup Storage Facilities. It is important to tour all facilities prior to signing an agreement. This will give you the opportunity to see first-hand the quality of security they employ and determine how well-maintained and clean the sites happen to be.

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