What to Expect from Long-Distance Medical Transport

It’s no secret that some of the best medical facilities in the world are located in or near some of the world’s largest cities. Unfortunately for many patients, these cities aren’t always located near one another. If you have a major issue while staying in a New York hospital and your provider decides you need to be transported to a medical facility in Los Angeles – or more drastically, a facility in another country – what can you or your loved ones do? Contact a medical transportation service offering long-distance medical transport.

What You’ll Get

Wondering what kind of service and care you or your loved ones will actually receive when partnering with long-distance medical transport personnel? Services do vary by provider, but in general, you can expect to have the following taken care of:

  • Contact with both your current medical facility and the destination you have been assigned or recommended.
  • Securing of seats or beds on commercial airlines for both the patient and the nurse or nurses directly responsible for their care.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your medical condition throughout the process.
  • Securing of medical clearances for necessary equipment and any other documentation needed for travel.
  • Creation and execution of a care plan for flight.
  • Providing the caregivers at your destination with all information necessary about your flight and answering any questions about your medical history.
  • Assistance with getting comfortable at your new location.

What to Expect

The process of being transported by a long-distance medical transport professional or company is fairly straightforward, but you will need to be sure of a few things beforehand. If you or your loved one is not capable of setting up the transportation yourself, as your medical provider or patient representative. Be sure your entire medical history or other adequate information is available to your new caregiver or medical provider so that your transition will be a smooth one. And – perhaps most importantly – be ready to speak up and ask questions when you need to. Your medical transport professional is there to help!

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