What to Expect from an AC Inspection

Summer is coming; that means it’s time to call your specialists in air conditioning in Chicago to have your AC unit inspected. Think of it as part of your overall spring maintenance checklist. Just as you go about cleaning windows, raking your yard and planting seeds for your garden, you must ensure that your AC unit is ready for the hot summer ahead. An inspection from a qualified technician will ensure that your system will keep you and your family cool all summer long. Here’s what you can expect when the tech comes to inspect your AC unit:

   * Complete visual inspection: The technician will first complete a visual inspection of all components on your AC unit, both inside and out. This includes checking for loose or missing parts, ensuring the fan is properly in place and that the outside portion is sufficiently placed off the ground.

   * Full system performance test: The tech will run the AC unit for several minutes to ensure it’s working properly, blowing the proper amount of cold air and all vents are working. He will also check the thermostat to ensure there are no issues.

   * Leak test: Using a special leak detector, the tech will test the unit for leaks. If leaks are detected, he will investigate further to locate where the leak is originating from and the type of leak it is.

   * Inspection based on any issues you may have: The tech will also inspect specific areas of the unit based on concerns you may have. For instance, if you hear strange noises or rattling, or if you are concerned about the age of your AC unit. The tech can advise you on whether regular maintenance is sufficient or whether you need to consider a replacement.

Air conditioning in Chicago is a must-have in the summer and if you want relief from the blistering heat, having a qualified technician inspect your unit is recommended. For more details Contact Deljo Heating & Cooling or visit http://deljoheating.com/.

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