What to Expect From a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City, Oklahoma

The idea of spending a week or more in jail before a court date does not hold a lot of appeal. Instead of putting life on hold and hoping for the best outcome, it makes sense to contact a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma and find out what can be done. Here are some of the things that the bonding professional will do on behalf of the client.

Checking in With the Court

Within a few hours after the arrest, there’s a good chance that the court will determine if the client is eligible for bail. If so, the bail amount will be set using current laws and statutes that apply. The Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma will monitor the situation and know when the bail is set. That makes it possible to come forward and pledge the bond. Once that’s done, the process of releasing the client will commence.

Discussing What Happens Next

Since the agent is, essentially, promising the court to ensure the client shows up for the pending court date, expect to have a meeting with the agent. This is usually to ensure that the client understands the terms of the temporary release. That includes a reminder that the court requires the client to remain in the local jurisdiction unless specific permission is granted for some reason. Making sure that the client understands the terms related to the bond helps to ensure that everything is done in line with the qualifications of the court.

Showing Up for the Court Date

Many bonding professionals remind clients of a pending court date. It’s not unusual for the agent to be in court when a client’s case is due to be heard. Once the agent confirms that the client is present, the obligation between the two parties is considered fulfilled.

Why sit in jail and wait for a court date to roll around? Visit us today and learn more about the bonding process and how a professional can help the client remain free until the time comes to appear before the judge. Being out on bond will make it easier to keep working, make plans with an attorney and, in general, work toward moving past the incident.

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