What to Expect at a Lasik Center

A LASIK center is a facility that performs LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery is a procedure that is used to correct some vision problems to reduce dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

A little of 638,000 patient has Lasik surgery during 2017. It is estimated that over 660,000 will have the same procedure in 2018.

Many people are curious about LASIK surgery but are not sure what to expect when they go to a LASIK center.

Before LASIK surgery, patients are evaluated to determine if they are a good candidate for surgery. People who are on medication that affects their vision, had their prescription changed within the last year, diabetics or people who play sports are typically not a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

If the doctor determines you are a candidate for surgery, then the doctors will perform tests, and you will be restricted by using facial creams, lotions, makeup and contacts several weeks prior to surgery.

During the surgery, numbing drops will be placed in the eye. The doctor will then wash the eye and perform the procedure.

After the surgery, your eye may feel a little discomfort. It will take several days for the eye to heal. All lotions, makeup, and creams will not be allowed on or near the eyes for approximately two weeks to avoid infections. Swimming is also off-limits for about two months.

Your vision may fluctuate for the first three months after the procedure. Glares, haloes, and difficulty driving at night are all symptoms that occur before your vision settles down. It can take up to six months before your vision stabilizes.

There is a lot involved leading up to the surgery and afterward for the patients to know about. A reputable LASIK center will have pamphlets to educate their clients on what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

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