What to Do After a Slip & Fall Accident

During the wet and rainy seasons, a slip and fall accident is very likely. Although sometimes, it is your fault, many times, it is through the negligence of others. Knowing what to do after an accident is important to getting the compensation for your injuries. Call a slip & fall attorney to manage your case and bring charges against all the parties which were negligent.

First Things First – Medical Care

The most important thing after a slip and fall accident is get medical attention. Take care of yourself first. This is important for your health, obviously. However, it serves another purpose. That is, it demonstrates that you were injured bad enough to seek medical help. Make sure the doctor understands that you are seeking treatment because you fell.

If you have a friend or family member who can take pictures of the scene of the accident, get them to do so. If there are witnesses to your accident, try to take names and contact information if you need to contact them later. Remember that medical attention is more important than anything else. Don’t jeopardize your health by waiting to get information.

Informing the Facility

When you’re injured on a commercial property, you should let someone in charge know. Once you’ve taken care of your injuries, call the management and make a formal statement. You should keep track of the name of the person you spoke to, their title, and the time and date when you called. Don’t talk to the receptionist or a low-level employee. Go up the chain to a member of management. You may even want to call the property owner if possible. Your slip & fall attorney may also be able to handle that for you if you cannot find this person.

Who Is Liable?

Many times, a business will fight any claim made because they don’t want their insurance to go up. You will need to discuss your case with a slip & fall attorney who can assess your situation. Determining negligence isn’t always cut and dried, and you need the knowledge from a legal advocate. Don’t discount your position without making sure that you are getting all the compensation for your injuries. Take care of yourself first, then manage the legal issues.

When you need a slip & fall attorney, make sure to call someone who has experience and a history of handling cases involving property negligence. Discuss your situation with a slip & fall attorney who can help you get appropriate compensation. To know more about slip & fall accident attorney contact The Law Offices of Julian Lewis Sanders & Associates, LLC. You can also like them on Facebook.

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