What To Consider In Selecting Portable Misting Fans

Whether you want to enjoy time on your patio, by your pool or in any outdoor living space having portable misting fans on hand is always a good idea. For many residential applications, the portable models are a good choice and are more versatile and practical than the permanently mounted large units. These larger systems are more commonly found in commercial properties.

However, depending on how often you use your home outdoor living space and where you live in the country, both can be a good option. There are other considerations as well when comparing the two styles that can be very helpful in making your decision.

Year Round Climate

The obvious advantage to portable misting fans is they can be taken indoors and stored during the winter months. In cold climates where freezing is an issue, permanently mounted misting or fogging systems need to be completely drained before the first freeze.

Draining is completed to prevent issues with the tubing splitting as water freezes in the lines and expands. It is essential to ensure all moisture is out of the nozzles before the cold weather sets in. Full draining of the nozzles is important because the tiny holes in the nozzles used to produce the fine, even mist can easily be damaged by the expansion of the water as it freezes.

Portable misting fans can simply be removed from their housing or bracket and taken indoors. This can be done in cold weather or if heavy winds or hail is a concern in your area.

Cost of Installation

With all permanent misting and fogging systems it is important to have a licensed and bonded contractor complete the installation. While this is not typically a costly process, it will add to the overall expense of the system. Keep in mind this is a one-time cost, and there is very little upkeep on either the permanently installed or the portable misting fans.

With the portable misting fans it is a simple do it yourself process to use the fans. All that is required is a simple process to attach the fan to the stand and then connecting to power and water.

With portable misting fans any outdoor space can be more enjoyable even on the hottest days of summer. This not only extends the time you can spend outside, but it also provides a great environment for entertaining all summer long.

We offer different models of portable misting fans complete with custom designed stands. To learn more about our Fogco systems visit us at Fogco.com.

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