What to Check Before Well Pump Replacement in Martinsburg, WV

Everyone raves about the fresh, clean taste of well water, as opposed to drinking water that flows from the city water supply. The well water is better for drinking, but it will not stay that way without a pump that keeps it fresh and flowing. If you own a well, you know the problems that can occur with a well pump that isn’t functioning properly. There is a plumbing contractor that does well pump replacement in Martinsburg WV. The contractor tells well owners what possible problems to check before replacing the pump.

Obviously, when you suddenly stop getting water from your well, it might suggest that something is wrong with your well pump. However, there are other variables to check before blaming the problem on the well pump. The first line of defense would be to check the circuit breaker, to see if it has tripped. If it has, that may be the only problem. If it does it again, then you may have problems with the pump. The next thing you want to check would be the pressure gauge, which would indicate the pressure coming from the tank. If it is at the appropriate level, the problem won’t be with the pump, but somewhere in the home.

There are other factors needed to be looked at. If you have added onto your home, especially in the areas of plumbing, your well pump might not be large enough to do the job needed to be done. Water sediment is another issue that might shorten the life of your well pump, as the sediment will wear out the bearings in the pump. If there is a dry spell going on in your area, your well will be temporarily dry. The problem could also be that your pump needs to go deeper into the ground to reach the water table.

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