What to Ask Attorneys in Walker, MN, Before Hiring Them

A person should be careful about the attorney he or she chooses to work with. Every attorney is not right for every case. Before a person hires an attorney, a few questions should be asked to figure out if the attorney is the right one for them and to make sure the attorney has the right experience to handle the case.

What Cases Do You Normally Handle?

The person should make sure the lawyer typically handles cases like their own. If they need a divorce, they’re not going to want to seek help from a business attorney.

Have You Handled Cases Like this in the Past?

Even if the lawyer has handled cases within the same category, clients would want to make sure the lawyer has handled cases like their own. For instance, car accidents and truck accidents can differ, so if the person has been in a truck accident, he or she should make sure the lawyer has experience with truck accidents.

What Was the Outcome?

On top of asking about the types of cases, you’ll want to know what actually happened in cases similar to your own. Does the attorney only negotiate, even if taking the case to court might work better? Do they take every case to court? Do they do what they believe is the right step for every case they handle, whether it’s negotiations or going to court? Do they typically win their case?

How Do You Structure Payments?

The person also needs to inquire about the payment structure the attorney expects. This can differ based on the type of case. Some lawyers work on contingency for cases involving a settlement, and the person won’t pay if there is a settlement. For most other cases, the person will need to pay a retainer to cover the legal work that might be needed.

If you’re in need of an attorney in Walker, MN, make sure you ask these questions and more at your consultation visit. You should make sure they have the necessary experience and skills to handle your case properly and get the results you’re looking for. To get more information or to arrange your first consultation with an attorney in Walker, MN, visit Borden Steinbauer Krueger & Knudson, P.A., today.

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