What To Ask A Drunk Driving Lawyer When You Are Arrested

In Illinois, it is unlawful for any driver to operate an automobile or any motorized vehicles while intoxicated. These laws are in place to reduce the volume of potential fatalities related to this criminal act. The following are questions you should ask a Drunk Driving Lawyer when you are arrested.

What are the Penalties for the First Offense?

The penalties for the first offense begin with a maximum jail sentence of one year. The fines range up to $2,500. Their driver’s license can be suspended for up to one year. All drivers with any DUI conviction must install an ignition interlocking device into their vehicle.

What are the Penalties for the Second and Third Offense?

The penalties for the second offense begin with a one-year jail sentence. The fines also range up to $2,500 depending on the blood-alcohol content reading. The license suspension for this charge is a minimum of five years. The only difference between the second and third offense is that the jail sentence is increased to up to seven years for the third conviction.

What Happens If the Driver Refuses to Submit to Testing?

Any driver who refuses to submit to testing could face an additional driver’s license suspension. The first offense is one year. The second and third refusal is three years. Under related state laws, the driver gives consent for testing by choosing to drive while they are intoxicated. However, they retain their civil rights to request an attorney before testing is performed.

Do Additional Charges Apply After an Accident?

They can. If the accident resulted in any injuries, the driver is accountable for the medical expenses related to medical care. If the victim dies, the defendant can face charges such as manslaughter or vehicular homicide. Their blood-alcohol content reading could define fault in these cases.

In Illinois, a DUI results in criminal penalties as well as administrative expenses. The driver must provide a viable defense that defines a just cause for driving in this condition. They must also acquire an additional blood sample when submitting to testing. Any individual who is facing these charges must hire a Drunk Driving Lawyer by visiting website right now.

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