What Pool Chemicals in Houston are Needed to Maintain a Pool?

Keeping a swimming pool clear and clean can be a rather involved process. This is especially true if a pool owner does not have the proper Pool Chemicals in Houston. It is important for anyone who has a pool to know what they need to maintain the water and keep the most important items on hand at all times.

Pool Sanitizers

Some of the main pool chemicals in Houston that are needed the ones that will keep the water in the pool disinfected and sanitized. It is important there is a constant level of bromine or chlorine in the water all the time. Some pool sanitizer options to consider include TriChlor, DiChlor, bromine and cyanuric acid.

Pool Oxidizers

The oxidizer is the secondary sanitizer in pool water and should be used every few weeks to kill bacteria and algae. These are easy to use and available as chlorine and non-chlorine shocks. Some of the most common options include Calcium Hypochlorite, a chlorine free shock or lithium shock.

Water Balancers

Keeping the water in balance is important. This must be done by testing the pool several times each week for the pH and chlorine levels and adjust them as needed. The total alkalinity of the pool needs to be tested every few weeks or if there are pH troubles present, then the water should be tested for cyanuric acid levels and calcium hardness once a month. Some of the chemicals used to keep pool water balanced include a pH increaser, pH reducer, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser and a chlorine neutralizer.

Additional/Specialty Chemicals

There are also a number of additional chemicals that can come in handy when an unexpected issue may come up and to keep a pool looking great. Some of the most common chemicals include algaecides, clarifiers, enzymes, filter cleaners, metal magnets, phosphate removers, stain removers and tile or vinyl chemicals.

When it comes to keeping a swimming pool looking great a pool owner has to have access to the right chemicals. Some of the most commonly used ones are highlighted here. If a pool owner has more questions they can contact the staff at Cryer Pools & Spas, Inc. for more information.

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