What Pet Supplies in Folsom, CA are Needed for a New Kitten?

Kittens make great additions to any family. While each one varies in personality and appearance, they can be a real comfort to those looking to turn a house into a home. Regardless of what type of kitten a new pet owner chooses, there are certain Pet Supplies in Folsom CA that needs to be on hand before bringing in a new kitten. Other supplies are optional.

The Necessities

Every pet requires certain needs to be met by his or her owner. A kitten needs food to eat, water to drink, and a place to go to the bathroom. In addition to choosing food specifically made for kittens, be sure to pick up the necessary bowls for both food and water. Because kittens aren’t ready to go exploring new heights within their new residence, make sure that the food and water are both reachable. A litter box, clean litter, and a scoop are also a necessity when it comes time to clean up after the new pet. And finally, all new kittens need some type of collar with tags that feature his or her name and contact information of the owner.

Some Extras

While those are the necessities, many new kitten owners want to take special care of their new addition. While this might mean picking up more Pet Supplies in Folsom CA, it often results in a happy and contented cat. A scratching post is one of the first things that new kitten parents will want to invest in. (Especially if the goal is to keep the furniture in good condition.) Scratching is a natural behavior that allows cats to mark their territory and in some cases, shed the outer layer of their claws. Toys are also a great idea. Just like cats, toys come in all shapes and sizes and offer different types of stimulation for the pet. Consider purchasing a couple toys to start with and rotate them during play time to see which one the kitten enjoys most.

If you are considering adding a kitten to your family, get more information and be prepared for the newest member of your household.

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