What Makes Indian Weddings Unique

If you are from America, you probably have a specific view of what a wedding looks like that is similar to what other Americans imagine. This could include a white dress and a certain proceeding of events throughout the wedding that are traditional to Christianity. However, there are other cultures and religions that perform marriages slightly differently. If you receive an Indian wedding card inviting you to a wedding, prepare to be surprised by how different it probably is to what you are used to.

One thing that probably varies from what you expect is the colors worn at the ceremony. Where many weddings in the States include putting the bride in a white dress, which often symbolized purity, the Indian tradition often includes the use of bright reds and oranges. The bride will also have her hands and feet decorated in Henna tattoos, many of which signify the bond between her and her groom.

There are some ceremonies before the wedding, that you may not see on an Indian wedding card, as they are specifically for the bride, groom and families to attend. For example, in the days before the wedding the bride and groom should exchange prayers, garlands of flowers and gold rings. The groom’s parents often bring the bride gifts at this time. Another pre-wedding ceremony involves both families getting together to sing and dance. Lastly, the families will spread oil, water and turmeric over the couple, on both their skin and clothes, to serve as a blessing before the wedding later in the day.

There are many things that make traditional Indian weddings different from what a lot of Americans may be used to regarding wedding ceremonies. Next time you see an Indian wedding card, you may even notice in the design that it is something different than what you are used to seeing in traditional wedding cards that are often used to announce Christian weddings.

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