What Is Vape Liquid And Types Available In Meridian MS

If you’re not currently a vaper, you may not understand what people mean when they say vape liquid or juice in Meridian MS. It can also be called e-juice, e-cig juice, e-liquids and many others, but it all means the same thing. E-cigarettes and vaping kits use special liquids to create the flavors and scents. It is placed into the vaping kit and is usually heated to release the flavor and smell.


Many vaping shops will create designer mixes from the various flavors out there to create unique options for their customers. You can also, usually, create your own flavors from their available liquids, which gives you a seemingly never-ending supply of choices.

Flavor Options

Many people prefer vaping because it gives you more flavor options than traditional tobacco. While cigars do offer various flavors, you’re still stuck with the underlying tobacco taste. If you want something fruity or something that smells incredible, you probably won’t find it with regular tobacco products.

Again, the flavor options are endless with vape liquid because you can mix and match them to create your own version. However, options can include cherry, tobacco flavors, mojito, green tea, menthol, ice cream, and almost every fruit flavor imaginable, as well as vanilla, alcohol flavors and many more.

Therefore, you can mix and match to create a strawberry green tea, menthol tobacco, raspberry ice cream or anything else your imagination can dream up.

Dye-Free Options

When selecting your vaping liquids, you should consider the various options, such as PG and VG. They should be dye-free and deemed safe by the FDA. It may also be necessary to search out those liquids made in the United States, to ensure that they do not contain illegal substances or sub-par ingredients.

Propylene glycol (PG) is the option most vaping stores tend to use because it is considered a safe option by the FDA. Vegetable glycerin is also a natural glycerol and made from various oils, such as coconut, palm or vegetable oil. The problem with VG options is that those with an allergy to certain oils may have an allergic reaction. Therefore, it’s important to ask the vaping shop which options they stock before buying anything.

However, many shops do use PG options because it is clear and tasteless, meaning the flavors you add will come through well. It will also be less viscous and thinner than VG juice, which means your atomizer may not build up gunk as quickly.

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