What Is The Intelligent Mail Barcode And What Does It Do?

The IMB is a 65-bar code that is used to track and sort flats and letters sent through the USPS. Mailers can use a single barcode for all their mail and can also participate in many USPS programs. Likewise, it can make tracking mail easier. It can be used for Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Periodicals, Standard Mail, letters, flats, and even Bound Printed Matter flats.


In 2014, the USPS started requiring mailers to use the full-service Intelligent Mail Barcode software if they wanted to get automation discounts and were also required to use eDoc to upload their paperwork. Likewise, the IMB combines the PLANET Code and POSTNET barcodes into a unique code.


Primarily, this product can help you determine how much money you’ll need to spend for mailing campaigns, as well as determine how many employees you’ll need, based on the deliveries and options. You can also use it to plan your inventory and determine the accuracy of your mailing lists, as well as save money. For one thing, recipients will get their mail, and you won’t have pieces that are incorrectly addressed or not validated.

How Smart It Really Is

Most people wonder just how smart the Intelligent Mail Barcode is and may be surprised at what it can do. For one thing, it will route the mail appropriately, sometimes down to the carrier who will take the mail to the recipient. You will also be able to see where your mail is in the stream of pieces out there and can ensure the accuracy of the address.

How Can It Be Used?

When using the IMB, you can determine when the USPS processed the piece and when it should be delivered. Likewise, you can find out how long delivery took and which ones will be returned and why.

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