What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is the physical manipulation and the application of pressure on the body’s soft tissues, the focus is on muscles and pressure points. Often, massage therapy in Greenfield WI is used as an integral part of physical therapy but it is also employed as a way to relax tight muscles. Massage therapy is also used on the body’s pressure points which often relieve pain as well as health problems.

There are a number of different approaches to massage therapy, in the majority of cases the person finds a couple of methods that suit them and stay with massage therapists who practice that form. People try to find a massage therapist they are comfortable with; once they do they often remain loyal to the therapist for years.

As a full body massage means being unclothed, women in particular tend to prefer working with a female therapist. Although it is acceptable for the woman to wear underclothes and remain covered with a sheet the less clothing the better. There are many parts of the body that are best massaged without any clothing; it is difficult for example to do the back justice if the therapist has to work around a bra. Most people who turn to massage therapy in Greenfield WI on a regular basis are quite comfortable with this knowing that the focus of the therapist is to promote relaxation or to address a specific physical issue. A massage therapist is not any different from a doctor, they get accustomed to seeing naked bodies and there is nothing in it to suggest a sexual overtone. When choosing a massage therapist it is important to ensure the therapist is associated with a reputable clinic and are licensed.

There are various schools that teach massage therapy, it never hurts to inquire about the potential therapist background and credentials. It is fair to say that anyone employed in the office of a physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor has been subjected to the necessary background checks.

There are numerous types of massage therapy; two of the most popular and well known are Swedish, and Shiatsu. Swedish massage therapy is very popular; it makes use of long strokes on the muscle groups and soft tissue therapy where the goal is healing and pain management. Shiatsu on the other hand utilizes acupressure and focus on the same points as acupuncture. Some therapists and their customers find that using a combination of techniques better addresses the unique needs of the client.

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