What Is Important In AR Handguards?

If you are going to take the time to upgrade or customize your weapon, one of the first changes that most gun owners make, is to change out the handguard. This can also be known as a foregrip, which can sometimes make the process more confusing.

Unlike some upgrades, the choice of AR handguards is not just for looks. These are important components of the weapon that can add to the ability to mount accessories, or that can be used to help to cool the barrel if you are using the weapon on a continual firing basis.

Comfort with Installation

If you are modifying your own AR, it is important to consider the type of AR handguards as to their ease of installation. Most are very user-friendly and will require just basic experience in working with customization. In fact, if you choose the drop in models and styles of handguards it is literally just pulling the ring and removing the old setting and dropping in the new.

The drop in styles of handguards tends to be more of the classic or stock styles. There is also the quad rail, which is a rail on all sides, type of design. This is the best option when there is a need for mounting of additional accessories.

Free Floating

Some of the most popular types of AR handguards that allow for maximum customization are the free-floating handguards. There are may different styles and designs, but all developed without the handguard actually touching the barrel, which is why they are called free floating.

The benefit to this is that anything you rest the rifle on, such as a bipod, will not put any pressure on the barrel. While this pressure may not seem like much, it can cause a slight loss of accuracy. By using the free-floating handguards, the issue can be eliminated and accuracy improved.

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