What is Aluminum Commonly Used For?

With aluminum being one of the most abundant metals found in the Earth’s crust it is no surprise that it is used in many different applications. Aluminum flat stock is useful for everything from manufacturing glass to building power lines and manufacturing laptops. There are many reasons that aluminum is such a popular metal, which we’ll look at now.

Benefits of Aluminum

* High rate of conduction

* Entirely odorless

* Lightweight compared to other metal

* Malleable property for easy use

* Durable and long-lasting

* Resistance to corrosion

* Strong and capable

Uses of Aluminum

We mentioned above that aluminum is used in all sorts of ways and is a staple in various industries. There are a few that use a considerable amount of aluminum which are relevant to touch upon.


The excellent weight to strength ratio of aluminum is one of the reasons that it is used in transportation. The weight makes it easier to move a vehicle, which also indicates a higher fuel efficiency. While it isn’t the strongest metal available, it can be used in alloys with other metals to increase its strength. The corrosion resistance is another reason it is invaluable for building transportation options, like aircraft, cars, and trains.


One of the reasons that aluminum flat stock is used in construction is due to its low need for maintenance. Aluminum is not only resistant to corrosion but is also thermally efficient to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The metal is also easy to cut and form, which means creating exciting designs using the product is more straightforward than using plastic, steel, or wood.


Aluminum does not have the highest electrical conductivity, especially compared to copper, but it does have a low-density which makes it an excellent option for running power lines. Copper lines would need more supports, which would also have to be heavier and would be more expensive. In addition, copper is not as ductile as aluminum, which makes it easier to build wires. The corrosion resistant of aluminum is also an advantage.

Consumer Goods

Everything from flat screen televisions, smartphones, and laptops are commonly made using aluminum. One of the reasons is related to the appearance of aluminum. It’s functional for items like this but is also aesthetically appealing to consumers. In many cases, aluminum is replacing steel and plastic components for this and other reasons.

Aluminum is an advantageous material that is found in abundance in our Earth. This is why it is such an essential component in many of the products and devices we use on a daily basis. The fact that it can be found in many shapes including bars, tubes, and sheets only enhances the versatility.

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