What Is A Sales Coaching Specialist And How They Help

Most companies know that their salespeople need help, but may not know where to go or what to do. They may send them to seminars and training courses, but that may not be enough. Salespeople are a different breed because they have a lot of stress put upon them and still have to come out shining, every month and every quarter. Unless you want them to fail, you may choose to hire a sales coaching specialist to help.

What They Do

You hire one of these specialists to help new salespeople. When a representative signs on with your company, the professional will call them at least twice a week, sometimes more. During those calls, they’ll talk about anything that’s bugging the employee and offer advice. The employee is allowed to call the professional whenever they need to, especially during the first few months of the job.

They can offer advice about how to cold-call or answer questions about what it does to people working in a selling position. Many new salespeople have multiple hang-ups that can keep them from success, so it is the specialist’s job to reduce or get rid of those hang-ups.

Prices can be steep and may come with conditions or limitations. For example, a group of salespeople may cost more than one or two.

Many offer a set fee for the first three months, charging a different set fee for up to three more months. While some will stick around for years, helping the same group, most cut ties after six months to avoid becoming a crutch.

Price Vs. Cost

The price you pay for one of these professionals may seem like way too much, especially if your new hires don’t stay on. However, turnaround times can be lowered because your teams are getting the help and advice they need, so they want to stay with the firm.

In most cases, you must consider a sales coaching specialist as an investment. You may not noticeably see the price come back to you, but it will. You’re likely to notice better selling habits, which can lead to more customers buying instead of being on the fence.

Some companies have decided to make the salespeople pay for the coach, either out of pocket or through a cut in pay. If the employee stays on with the firm at least two years, they can get reimbursed for the sessions.

A sales coaching specialist could be just what your company needs. Visit SalesCoach.us for more information.

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