What is a Bullbar or Push Bumper?

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may have heard one of these devices. They are used on police vehicles and help protect the front of the vehicle from collisions with other cars and large animals. They can vary in size but are typically quite large and are made with aluminum and steel tubing. Police push car bumpers are quite common on all police units can sometimes be made with polycarbonate materials. Studies have shown that these have the ability to reduce the risk of serious injuries or death of pedestrians.

Other Benefits
There are quite a few deaths and injuries that are caused by the rigid fronts of vehicles such as metal push bumpers. Metal push bumpers cause close to 20,000 deaths every single year. These types have recently been banned which is why the police force has changed the way they handle these types of situations. They fit on the front of a vehicle and augment within the front of the bumper. This keeps the car from being battered due to pedestrians, other vehicles, and animals. These are typically attached to the initial frame of a patrol car. They are also designed to stop vehicle pursuits by creating a spinning motion of the fleeing vehicle with a small nudge. It helps decrease the risk of a more dangerous pursuit.

If you live in Australia, these are commonly used to prevent the killing of animals on highways, primarily kangaroos. Hitting animals causes severe damages to police vehicles and can cost police forces quite a bit of money especially if vehicles if they need to be completely replaced. Repairs cost police forces more than they have in their budget, this is why push bumpers are so unbelievably important and safe.

Not only do push bumpers make it easier for police officers to pursue potential criminals but they also keep pedestrians safe. If you live in an area where there are a lot of deer, kangaroo, or other animals that may venture out on the road, you decrease the chances of having a severe accident that involves one of these accidents. They have quite a few other uses which is why it is so important that each emergency vehicle is equipped with a push bumper. It makes it so much easier and safer for police officers to be on the road and keep you safe.

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