What Happens During a Fire Damage Restoration?

When the home is engulfed in flames, the priority is to get everyone out of the house as quickly as possible. In the days that follow, decisions must be made about cleaning up and possibly being able to live in the house again. This is where the concept of Fire Damage Restoration comes into play. Here are some of the things that an expert in fire restoration will do.

Assessing the Damage

Before any real work toward Fire Damage Restoration can commence, it is necessary to determine what the job will entail. With a fire, there is more than the damage caused by the flames to consider. There will likely be some water damage resulting from the efforts to extinguish the blaze. There is a good chance that some of the structural features of the home will be so badly damaged that they must be removed and replaced. In the best case scenario, a significant portion of the home will remain intact and restoration is a possibility.

Determining the Cost

One establishing that the home can be salvaged, there is the matter of coming up with the cost of the restoration. What will it take to ensure the home structure is once again safe and secure? How much repair work must be done to bring the plumbing back up to code? Consider the expense of new electrical wiring for the home right along with replacing joists, flooring, and wall framing.

Projecting the cost is important since the homeowner will ultimately have to decide if the total expense is affordable. Keep in mind that the amount of money received from the insurance claim may or may not cover the total cost of the restoration. Assuming the restoration is within the means of the homeowner, the focus will be on setting up a schedule and a time frame for having the home ready for use again.

For those who are facing a decision about rebuilding after a fire, visit Sitename and arrange for an expert to visit the site. It will not take long to determine the extent of the damage and what must be done to make the place livable again. With that information in hand, the homeowner can make the right decision.

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