What Factors Should Be Considered When Planning An In-Ground Burial?

As part of making final arrangements in advance, there’s the need to determine what should be done with the body. People who prefer a traditional burial will want to address a number of details and ensure everything is worked out in advance. Here are some of the factors that need to be addressed and resolved now so that loved ones will not have to make those decisions later.

Purchasing a Burial Plot

An In-Ground Burial does require purchasing a burial plot. Many private and municipal cemeteries have plots available at reasonable rates. Take the time to find a plot that is affordable and is large enough to accommodate other members of the family. For example, a couple who have several children may want to invest in a plot that is large enough for all the kids as well as the parents. Allow a few additional spaces for the spouses of the children, just in case.

Preparing the Vault

In many jurisdictions, graves must be constructed with a vault. The vault provides the resting place for the coffin. A professional can prepare the grave and insert the vault with relative ease. Keep in mind that vaults do come in different designs. Some are slightly below ground level, making it easy to cover the vault with a slab and then add sod over the slab. There are also models that will stick slightly above the ground and ensure that the slab is clearly visible.

Thinking About the Headstone

What sort of headstone would be in line with the preferences of the individual? Some people like the idea of simple headstones that are just big enough to provide space for a name, a birth date, and a death date. Others like something more elaborate. Working with a local monument service will make it easy to find something that’s just right. Keep in mind the headstone can be put in place now, sans the death date. When the time comes, the professional will know how to add the date without having to move the stone.

Contact the team at Crown Hill today and make those plans for an In-Ground Burial. Once the plans are finalized, it will be easy to pay for most of the expense up front. That will ensure loved ones have more time to mourn the loss and don’t have to try to pull themselves together in order to make what can be difficult decisions. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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