What Do Demolition Contractors in Minneapolis Do?

Building demolition is a necessary component of growth, but it can also be dangerous if performed by unqualified individuals who do not have access to the right equipment and adequate safety gear. Those who need a building torn down, whether it is a small residential home or a large commercial space should contact qualified Demolition Contractors in Minneapolis to ensure that it gets done right.

Demolition of smaller buildings less than three stories high is actually a pretty simple process, but it involves a host of specialized equipment. Bulldozers, excavators, and hydraulic equipment, and sometimes cranes are necessary to safely demolishing even a small building. And steps must be taken to procure permits and submit all the necessary notifications before demolition can even begin. Hazardous materials such as asbestos have to be removed prior to tear down, utilities must be disconnected, and a specific work plan must be established.

During the manual demolition process, the direction and way that the building will fall is determined in advance by the project supervisor. These goals are accomplished by strategically undermining walls and structural supports on the ground level. After undermining, bulldozers or loaders are used to ram the building walls and remove materials. Contractors often employ fire hoses over the course of the project in order to control dust at the site.

An alternative to manual demolition of smaller structures that is growing in popularity is building implosion. This technique uses explosive devices to tear the building down in a matter of mere seconds from detonation. With proper planning an expert can ensure that it will fall in a controlled manner, avoiding potential damage to other structures. This strategy is employed most often in dense urban environments. Even with the most experienced and skilled demolition contractor, the process requires extensive preparation time before the set demolition date. Many materials, such as glass and other potential projectiles, must be removed from the premises, and select non-load bearing walls must be removed. The potential dangers of this strategy make it less popular among many contractors.

Those requiring the controlled removal of any structure should contact demolition contractors in Minneapolis. The professional contractors at Nitti Rolloff & Demolition Services Inc can help property owners through the process from permits to haul offs, ensuring a safe environment for all involved.

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