What Do Asphalt Repair Contractors Do?

Asphalt parking lots and driveways are durable and convenient, but like any building material, asphalt deteriorates over time due to inclement weather and general wear and tear. When this occurs cracks appear and can quickly spread. Potholes cause danger to passing vehicles. The edges of paved areas become ragged and slowly erode. This doesn’t mean that property owners should have their surfaces repaved after each storm season. Hiring a company to perform Asphalt Repair is a much less expensive option.

Small or isolated cracks that are less than an inch wide can be patched using specialty products designed with this purpose in mind. This requires cleaning out any remaining debris from the crack, mixing and pouring the patch product, and smoothing it out to ensure that it is the same height as the existing pavement. For stubborn cracks, a second coat may be required.

Large networks of intersecting cracks pose a larger problem. Known in the industry as “alligator cracks,” they require more than just a simple patch to repair. If the damage is confined to the surface of the driveway and no structural damage appears to have occurred, most contractors will suggest resurfacing. In this process, new asphalt is poured over the existing foundation and used to create a smooth and functional surface. The best approach to fixing alligator cracks is to use preventative maintenance to avoid them, but even if the lot or driveway has already become quite damaged, professional repair is sometimes still an option.

The appearance of one or more potholes may indicate more serious structural issues with the surface. However, in some circumstances Asphalt Repair to cover up potholes may still be appropriate. Be sure to inquire about the longevity of any proposed repair work. It may save money in the short term, but if structural damage has occurred property owners may want to consider complete repaving to avoid repeated repairs.

Some knowledgeable individuals may be able to fix small cracks or even small potholes themselves, but the bigger jobs are best left to the professionals to ensure that the process of deterioration is put to a stop and no further damage occurs. A company like A1 Pavement Maintenance provides skilled contractors with the know-how and the specialized equipment necessary to efficiently and quickly repair asphalt surfaces. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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