What Are Flavored Blunt Wraps and How to Use Them

Most people are unsure of what a blunt actually is and if it is legal to use them. When thinking of tobacco and mainly cigars, blunt wraps are actually tobacco leaves in two forms. The inner wrap is very similar to a cigarette paper, but is made from tobacco leaves and the outer leaf is usually thicker and rolled in a spiral. In most cases, a whole leave is used, but strips can be used when whole tobacco leaves cannot be found or used. Because it is tobacco, they are legal in the US.


Commercial Versus Homemade


While many cigar manufacturers use the leaves of tobacco, many are cutting corners to offer an inexpensive cigar variety by using tobacco pulp made into paper. Though some people may complain, most cannot tell the difference when smoking the cigar.


Homemade blunt wraps can be either tobacco pulp or true leaves, depending on the brand and company that sells them. Those that will only smoke cigars rolled with tobacco leaves will usually seek out companies willing to sell whole tobacco leaves so they can roll their own cigars with their own blends of tobacco.


Blunts Versus Premium


While some may argue that a premium cigar could use a blunt wrap, most realize that the blunt is an inexpensive version of a premium cigar. Premium options take at least one hour to burn, while most blunt wrapped cigars can be smoked in five or so minutes. For those that believe a cigar should be a long-drawn-out smoke, a blunt is considered lower quality. However, most people don’t agree with the thought that cigars must take forever to smoke and believe that the blunt wraps offer a quicker way to enjoy the same cigar, which is why many manufacturers are now creating both regular and blunt cigar options.




Flavored blunts are considered a newer option for cigar lovers and many believe that there should be no flavor. However, flavored options are becoming increasingly popular with younger smokers and those that want to look and feel special but also want a nice, new flavor.


Flavors can include apple martini, cosmopolitan, French vanilla, gin and juice, Pina Colada, strawberry kiwi, blueberry, honey and grape, along with pink berry, vanilla, white vanilla, apple cinnamon, mango, papaya, orange, passion fruit, peach, pear, raspberry and watermelon. Other options can include white grape, cherry, chocolate, cognac and more.



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