What Are Fixed 30-Year Mortgage Rates?

Potential homebuyers are faced with a wide range of options when it comes to purchasing a property. One of the first things you need to do before finding a home to buy is to choose the right loan. It is important to consider each of your needs but fixed 30-year mortgage rates are a typical option for many home buyers. Take a closer look at what this type of loan is and then determine if it is a good fit for your specific needs. While it is a common option, it is far from the only option.

What You Can Expect

Fixed 30-year mortgage rates are very common because they offer features that match the needs of many homebuyers. As a fixed rate loan, these mortgages will have the same monthly mortgage payment over the lifetime of the loan. It stays the same creating consistency that benefits the homeowner.

Second, a span of 30-years means that the loan will take 30-years to pay off. This is quite common. Shorter terms are available as well including a 20-year and a 15-year term. With this longer option, the repayment of the borrowed funds is spread out longer, making monthly payments lower.

It is important to know that because this is a longer-term loan, it will have a slightly higher interest rate compared to a shorter-term loan. And, this means it will cost more to borrow these funds to buy a home than a shorter term.

Consumers need to think about the features that matter to them when choosing these loans. Fixed 30-year mortgage rates remain very affordable from most lenders right now. This means that it may be easier for you to obtain this loan than you may think. And, this is a typical setup for an FHA loan, too.

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