What are engineered wood floors?

Engineered wood floors in Tribeca are a material with is manufactured from multiple ply’s or layers of wood; the wood can be hardwood or softwood; the top layer will be a veneer of any of the many hardwood species available which include maple, oak and mahogany as well as other more exotic species. Engineered wood floors in Tribeca are more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood floors which make it better in areas where there are significant variances in temperature and humidity, two factors that have significant impact on any wood floor. Not only is it dimensionally stable, it is tough and wears better, is more durable and it is more attractive than laminate floors where the visible surface is simply laminated to a backing.


Real wood floors in Tribeca are prized and have been for many years, hardwood floors in Tribeca are extremely beautiful and durable. However, real hardwood floors can be time consuming and expensive to install, it is a job that is very difficult to do as a DIY project, it is definitely a task only done by professionals. Over time, real hardwood can shrink which will result in small gaps between the slats. This problem, although rare in modern homes with temperature and climate control, can be completely eliminated when using engineered hardwood floors.


When engineered wood floors are made, the process starts with multiple layers of thin plywood, hardwood or other softwood. These thin layers are glued together with the grain running in alternate directions which forms a very strong substrate. Once the substrate is complete, a layer of hardwood is added and the entire flooring is put under pressure to ensure that the bond between all the substrate and the hardwood veneer is complete. When completed, the product resists warping, expansion or contraction because of the cross grain construction. Engineered wood floors in Tribeca are easier to install than real hardwood floors but still needs the touch of a professional installer.


Engineered wood floors are prepared with a tongue and groove, similar to the real thing. This design makes installation easy and relatively quick as the floor literally snaps together. The hardwood floor is either glued or nailed to the sub floor and can be used almost anywhere including areas where there may be high humidity such as a basement recreation room. These types of wood floors in Tribeca are easy to care for and require minimum maintenance.


Engineered wood floors in Tribeca have a number of advantages over solid wood floors. To fully understand the pros and cons of engineered wood floors you are invited to call upon the experts at New York Wood Flooring.


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