What Are Advanced Driving Systems?

Traffic fatalities are one of the highest causes of mortality in the United States, killing thousands of people every day in accidents that are often preventable. As a result of this tragic statistic, automakers have spent the last several years trying to implement new technologies that will help save lives and bring that number down significantly. However, what exactly are advanced driving systems in Ponte Vedra and how do they help keep us safe on the road?

What Types of Advanced Driving Systems Are Available?

There are a vast array of advanced driving systems in Ponte Vedra that are available to drivers on the road today. These systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Automatic distance control
  • Lane correction systems
  • Blind spot detection
  • Adaptive lighting technology

These systems help keep drivers safe and warn them about a number of dangers while they are driving, including getting too close to the vehicle in front of them, letting a driver know if they are swerving into another lane, letting them know if another vehicle is in their blind spot or changing the lighting of the vehicle based on outside conditions.

Some of these systems must be specially requested, but they are starting to become more standard with vehicle purchases because consumers want this technology due to its life-saving properties.

How Do Advanced Driving Systems Work?

Each advanced driving system in Ponte Vedra area works differently, but at their core, they all use a similar methodology to help assist the driver. Essentially, they are a well-connected series of sensors that monitor the environment around the vehicle and use a variety of visual and auditory cues to let the driver know something is wrong.

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