Wet Basement? It’s Time to Call a Waterproofing Contractor in Westord, MA

Westford area basements frequently suffer from some sort of water leaks, and those leaks can create excessively high moisture levels in a home, damaged goods stored in the area, and make finishing the spaces difficult. The important fact to remember is that virtually all leaks can be corrected, eliminating those and other problems. Any homeowner experiencing water issues in a basement is advised to contact an expert to evaluate the issues and determine what steps would eliminate them.

What Causes Water Leaks in Basements?

There are several potential causes for water leaks, but a couple top the list. First, site drainage is often a contributing factor. A Waterproofing Contractor in Westford MA, will evaluate the site and make recommendations the homeowner should consider along with Drycrete Waterproofing. Typically, gutters are either not functioning correctly or are missing. The ground should also slope away from a structure to minimize the potential for leaks.

A high water table can also be an issue in some areas. This may require the Waterproofing Contractor in Westford MA, to make further recommendations to improve drainage.

How Are Leaks Eliminated?

Here again, the method recommended will depend entirely on the type of leak and the area soil conditions. Cracks may need to be repaired with an injection system that seals them permanently. French drains are another option for homes with persistent leak issues. In some cases, the contractor may recommend some form of water control on the exterior of the home. Since no two situations are alike, the Waterproofing Contractor in Westford MA will tailor the solution to meet each home’s unique needs.

Is the Problem Going to Reoccur in the Future?

As a rule, it shouldn’t. However, some waterproofing systems need routine maintenance to keep them functioning properly. It’s also a good idea to have the contractor revisit the project later to monitor the situation and make sure new problems aren’t developing.

The area’s top contractors are always available to provide free estimates for projects. They’ll explain the waterproofing options to clients, giving them the knowledge necessary to make informed repair decisions. To get your basement water problem evaluated, contact the waterproofing experts for help today.

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