Ways to Prepare for a Solar Energy Installation in Hilo

Solar energy can vastly enhance how energy gets into the home. Instead of having to pay for the electrical usage, the sun provides the power that is converted into usable electricity. Once the decisions have been made to invest in this system, there is still some preparation work to do before the solar panels go in. These are some of the ways to prepare.

Before the solar energy installation in Hilo begins, get an inspection of the roof. Since this is where the solar panels are going to be placed, it should be checked to ensure that the roofing material is intact and ready to handle the weight. If the roofing material is old or compromised, there can be issues with the installation process. Make sure to have all roof repairs done before the day of installation.

The next system to have checked is the electrical system. The solar energy system will hook directly into the electrical box. Older electrical boxes are not able to accommodate the new system. Have the electrician check the panel for capability with the new solar system. While the rest of the electrical setup for the home will likely remain the same, this new solar system will become a permanent part of the electrical setup. In addition to checking compatibility, it is important to have a basic understanding of how the solar energy is tied into the electrical panels.

After checking the roof and electrical system, talk to the electric company about the Solar Energy Installation in Hilo. The electrical company may offer incentives for producing power. These incentives are not automatic. If there is an expected check every month due to the creation of electrical power, this may not come if the power company is unaware of the change. While the meter readings will change as a result of the new system, it does need to be noted by the company.

The installation of solar to the home is a natural way to utilize a source of energy. By taking these steps to prepare for the installation day, the home will be ready to have those solar panels. Contact PA Harris Electric for more information about solar energy or the installation process.

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