Water Well Drilling Contractors in Ocean County for Unimproved Residential Lots

water well drilling contractors in Ocean County commonly are hired by real estate developers to install a functioning well before houses are built. Even rural landowners who plan to just sell the land as lots to individual buyers may choose to have this done first. That’s because many real estate buyers shy away from properties that don’t, at least, have a well in place. Exploring the land for a suitable water source, drilling the well and installing the pump equipment is an expensive and inconvenient proposition for someone who wants to have a house built. Landowners will have an easier time selling these lots if the properties already have the improvements of a well and a septic system.

Water Well Drilling Contractors in Ocean County obviously must locate water that is safe to drink if this has not already been done by a hydrologist or other professional. They also do their best to locate water that is pleasant to drink and to use for bathing, but that isn’t always possible. Some groundwater has high levels of iron, for instance. That affects the aroma and flavor of water, and also can stain fixtures and fabric. Sulfur may be present and emit a bothersome odor. There may be a high mineral content that would cause limescale around plumbing fixtures in a house.

Those water sources sometimes are the only ones available. As long as the water is safe for drinking and other uses, the drilling contractors from a company such as Jersey Shore Lawn & Sprinkler will build the well. The new homeowners will need to decide on a type of water treatment if they find the problems to be particularly troublesome. People who don’t want to deal with these types of water issues must do their research ahead of time on the quality of the resources on properties. In some cases, they may love a parcel of land so much that they buy it anyway. For other real estate shoppers, water aromas and unpleasant flavors are deal-breakers. Contact us for more information about services provided for well drilling, pump installation and repair work.

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