Water Submetering: Saving Water And Money

If you are a member of a home association or manufactured housing owner, you may not have heard of water submetering but you are certainly well aware of the rising cost of water. In fact, in the United States, the cost of water can be the highest expenditure. It has continued to increase over the years and, do the valuable and limited resource; it is certain to continue to go up in costs.

There are several ways people can limit their water expenditures. Some are practical; others are not. For individuals, the implementation of some measures may be a simple. This is not always the case for larger and growing concerns. There is a solution available that is economical and practical. It is called water submetering.

What Is a Water Submetering System?

Water submetering is a system is a means through which a property management firm or another similar body can make sure that everyone pays for their water usage. It is technology that allows for equitable payment for individual usage instead of everyone paying the same rate or amount. In other words, as a result of its approach, people in a common structure will not be paying for the “water hogs” in their building. Everyone will pay only for the water they use.

The approach is called water submetering because, in addition to the original master water meter, the landlords install several sub water meters. They are individual water meters installed for each specific home or unit. This permits the division of the water usage not to be split among all the units but to reflect the actual usage of each one. As a result, those who use more water are required to pay more; those who are water conservationists will pay less.

Benefits of Water Submetering

Those who have installed or plan to put into place water submetering systems find the following benefits to be a tangible indication of why such a system is worth the initial expense. Water submetering:

* Provides equitable distribution of the costs with each resident paying for their actual usage
* Reduces any antagonism caused by inequitable cost distribution resulting from everyone, no matter how much water they use, paying the same
* Is a bill each resident can pay instead of having it tacked on to their dues
* Allows residents to take control of their expenses in this area
* Increases the value of their property
* Decreases water waste
* Helps managers and owners to detect any water wastage in the system, including hard to detect leaks
* May result in decreased rent or property costs
* Is environmentally responsible

In many ways, installing water submetering systems will prove beneficial to owners of the built communities, as well as the residents. It allows the residents and owners to take control of their expenses in this area. It also ensures that, by placing the cost squarely on those who use or waste the most water, instead of those who conserve, the ultimate conclusion is overall reduced water usage. Using water submetering systems results in a win-win situation for everyone concerned – the owners of manufactured housing, the residents who own or rent them and, of the utmost importance, the environment.

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