Watches in Arlington TX: From WWII Icons to Vintage Rolex’s

There is an astounding difference between a watch that increases in value and a watch that is just merely expensive. One is an investment that could procure major financial gains in the coming decades. The other is a showpiece- a trophy wife that ages as the years pass on, and not like a good wine.


So how can one tell the difference with watches in Arlington TX? It becomes a bit more difficult than saying ‘this brand is good’ and ‘this brand is bad,’ but that is not necessarily a bad place to start. Contrary to popular belief, Rolex watches are not necessary safe investment choices. Certain types of Rolex’s are show pieces, and lack that investment bite that requires them to actually gain value over time instead of stay stagnant. A Rolex will always give a proper return, but not a continuously growing return.


There are two ways to approach watches as an investment. The first is through buying vintage. This is where Rolex’s can be valuable. If they are extremely limited runs and they date back at least 50 years, they can gain intrinsic value. But vintage often has a gimmick attached. For example, many watches were named after celebrities and they have a special exclusivity to them. What about the one used in From Russia with Love, the Sean Connery fronted James Bond film? This is what makes a vintage watch,


The other strategy for investing is to go rare or go home. Some watches were made in such exclusive small production runs that they are incredibly rare. Others have some historical context, such as one worn by an inventor or person of historical importance. These watches are not rare or vintage alone- they are special. World War II watches have become a huge collector’s item, and garner a good rate.


Pioneer Gold and Silver Exchange has a whole aspect of the business dedicated to watches. These watches in Arlington TX can be rare, special, vintage, or just plain normal. But they all provide some sort of value that is appreciated in business, and could be sold or bought for a fair rate.



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