Walk In Refrigerator in Charleston South Carolina

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, you’ve seen a large walk in refrigerator and have probably been in one. These are used in basically every restaurant or store that carries food to keep the food cold and fresh. They can range in sizes depending on how much food the company typically stores but are usually all made of the same material, steel. Steel is durable and lasts for many years so that the large investment is worth it. One downfall of these refrigerators are that they usually don’t double as a freezer so companies have to buy them both if they need a freezer, too.

Aspects of a Walk In Refrigerator

A walk in refrigerator in Charleston, SC is can come in a wide range of sizes depending on the companies need. They are available from 4×6 feet to over 20 feet wide and usually are as tall as a normal door. The doors have an air tight seal to keep the inside cold at all times. To also help with keeping the cold air sealed in, all walk in refrigerators have thick, tested insulation in the walls. All edges and cracks have thick, strong seals to add onto the airtight seal. There are normally multiple long shelves and cabinets for plenty of food storage. Companies can also buy additional storage units to put inside of the walk in refrigerator.

Installation of a Walk In Refrigerator

A walk in refrigerator in Charleston, SC is usually so large and tightly sealed that they are pre-assembled or assembled by professionals in the store or restaurant. A company can either have it delivered to their store or it can be picked up. There are a few walk in refrigerators that can be assembled by the buyers but it is typically recommended to have someone professional put them together anyways. Visit Rent WalkIn Coolers.

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