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Tattoos are more popular than ever. It is interesting that modern ink artists are practicing an ancient art. The earliest known tattoos date back to 2,000 B.C. More amazingly, tattoos were discovered on the 5200-year-old Iceman found in 1991. In this country, the art form started around 1875. At that time, the work was done by hand using needles on a wooden handle. The machine was effective but difficult to master. Samuel O’Reilly made a small fortune by inventing the first automatic machine.

O’Reilly had a lot to do with the tradition of tattoos in the military. He started tattooing soldiers during the Spanish-American War. Recently, these permanent drawings have become a fine art form. Many tattoo artists have formal training in the arts. Tattoo styles like Skool and Bio-Mechanical are attributed to the art school-link. Da Vinci Tattoo is a Tattoo Studio Suffolk County NY. Many individuals design their own tattoos. Professionals do not mind because they know it is permanent. Therefore, customers should wear a drawing that is special to them. Customers can also get ideas from the flash wall. The walls in tattoo businesses usually have sample drawings on them. Some are commercially done, and others are the work of in-house artists.

How safe is Tattoo Studio Suffolk County NY? The artists and studios follow strict guidelines and precautions. Further, health codes and laws require a high level of equipment sterilization. Artists wear gloves, and the wound is kept sterile. The modern machines are electric. The artist injects die into the skin using one needle or several that are mounted on a bar. The bar is attached to a unit that moves back and forward in a rapid motion. The unit pushes needles in and out of the skin. Of course, the needles are replaced for each customer. Tattoos are invading the cosmetic world, as well. Many people have tattooed eyebrows and eyeliner. Imagine, you can get up in the morning, and half of your makeup is already done. Perhaps, tattoos have always had something to do with vanity. Archeologists believe ancient permanent markings symbolized many things, including beauty. This ancient art form continues to evolve and be relevant.

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