Versatile Waterproofing Contractor in Cambridge MA Has Customized Solutions

An experienced waterproofing contractor in Cambridge MA can provide customized solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial basements. There are several options that can be utilized, depending on the extent of the problem, the size of the building, and the budgets of building owners. Many residential homes, for example, may require only internal solutions to correct flooding or excess water in the basement or crawl spaces. If a home is subject to high humidity that is creating water damage, for example, a moisture control system may be effective. That can be installed easily, and will eliminate condensation along the walls and floors, prevent mold growth, and get rid of that musty, stale smell. A sump pump may be needed, if seasonal flooding occurs. That system automatically pumps excess water out of the basement.

Another residential option that can be recommended by a Waterproofing Contractor in Cambridge MA is a foundation wall wrap with a product called Flexi-Seal. It is approved for basements and crawl spaces, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Flexi-Seal is a heavy-duty material that resists tearing and punctures. It stops exterior moisture from entering the space, and seals out ground vapors. Once installed, basements are insulated and dry, and the material can be left alone, or covered with drywall or paneling. Large homes, multiple family homes, or apartment complexes may require external solutions, such as a Dry-well exterior control system, or installation of a French drain system. There methods are also used in commercial and industrial buildings.

French drain systems consist of trenches dug along the perimeter of the structure. Piping is placed in the trenches, and connected to an interior drain. The trenches are lined with a waterproof polymer material, and filled back in. Water is trained out of the basement and the pipes direct it out into the municipal water system. The Dry-well is placed in the ground at some point near the lowest part of the foundation. Water is directed from the basement into the well. Building owners with water problems can visit website for a comprehensive list of capabilities, to find out what types of solutions are available, and to get free estimates for all services.

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