Vented Gas Fireplace Insert – Cozy Heat and Beautiful Décor for Your Home

Fireplace technology has advanced in recent years to a great degree. The types of fireplaces you will find in homes today are often the vented gas fireplace insert variety. Many of the old-style fireplaces of the past that burned wood and left soot and ash are no longer used. These fireplaces offer a high degree of efficiency and the way in which they distribute heat into a living area.


The method of operation with these fireplace inserts involved a sealed combustion system that keeps the heat inside the unit prior to its efficient dispensing into a living area. The heated air is then dispensed into the room through a fan within the unit. The exhaust is then vented to the outside. This system ensures that the air inside is kept at the necessary quality free from contamination from gases produced from inside the unit.

Heating Efficiency

A vented gas fireplace insert provides a high degree of heating efficiency – the unit keeps as much is 70 percent of the heat produced inside of a living space.


In direct vent natural gas unit provides you with certain options, involving venting and power generation. These include:

• The availability of a millivolt generator to maintain the functionality of the fireplace when electricity is not feasible or available
• Flexible options for venting of the exhaust
• In the absence of an electrical hookup, a piezoelectric or electric spark ignition

Limited Maintenance

With a direct vent gas fireplace the requirements for maintenance are particularly minimal. With old-style wood fire burning fireplaces it was necessary to routinely clean up the residue created from the burn. Modern fireplaces including the vented gas fireplace insert do not require such routine cleanup regimens.

Enhance Your Decor

The functionality of these gas fireplace units is top-notch. However, they also provide an opportunity to enhance the interior décor of your living spaces. You can choose from style and color options to accommodate your interior design preferences.

With a modern fireplace installed in one or more of the rooms of your home, you and your family can enjoy cozy warmth whenever you so choose.

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