Variations of Palm Trees in San Antonio

Palm Trees in San Antonio are available in a few variations, such as Texas Sable and Mediterranean Fan, so a treescape design can have some depth and texture to it. The trees are similar enough to create a theme, but different enough to make the yard look unique and interesting. Palm trees are great because they provide shade without taking up too much space in the yard. There is plenty of rooms to place comfortable seating around the trunk, or perhaps a small table and chairs set. Young trees can be found in pots, and adult trees are also available.

Palm trees also look great framing a driveway, or on either side of a bay window. Contractors, landscaping companies, and developers can get trees wholesale at several tree farms, like Alfaro Tree Sales Inc, for example. Customers can also purchase trees and bring them home to plant, have them planted by the company, or shipped to any location. Trees that are purchased and planted by the company carry a one year warranty. Other types of trees include southern magnolias, Spanish daggers, and over one dozen varieties of oak. Shrubs, plants, and other landscape greenery are also available at competitive prices. The wide selection at tree farms means there will be something to suit any preference, yard size, and budget.

Whether customers decide on Palm Trees in San Antonio, another type of tree, or shrubs, once planted, maintenance and care is needed to keep trees growing healthy and strong. Tree services include transplanting, trimming, pruning, and palm maintenance. Landscape design, lawn and garden care, and property and storm damage clean-up are also offered. Adding trees to any yard boosts curb appeal, increases the property value, and provides privacy. Depending on where they are placed, trees and shrubs can also protect the paint or siding of a home from excessive sun exposure, keep wind from causing drafts in the winter, and provide a barrier for heavy rains. Homeowners can choose to do most of the lawn care themselves, but the proper care of trees should be left to the professionals. That way the family can spend more time enjoying the yard rather than working in it.

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