Using Round Aluminum Tubing

There are many different uses for most forms of aluminum. This alloy is used in everything from aircraft to boats and in building construction as well as in medical devices.

The Benefits

It is selected in many different applications because of its corrosion resistance, its high strength and light weight and the ability, at least with some of the alloys, to be easily welded and machined. This makes any type of component or part, including round aluminum tubing, an excellent choice for use both indoors and out.

Many different types of fabrication companies use round aluminum tubing as well as aluminum rectangular tubing. The round shape of the tubing makes it a natural to use a conduit for wires and cables on machines and equipment. It is not going to be damaged by exposure to water and most chemicals, particularly when treated with additional surface finishing.

Aluminum is also much more durable in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. It will not shatter or bend like plastic and it is highly effective at dissipating heat. It can be cut easily with standard tools and it comes in a range of diameters from small to large.


You will find round aluminum tubing used in fencing as well as in handrails where it makes a very long lasting and durable fence that requires only minimal upkeep. It can also be used for railings on boats, docks or for fixtures on pools, spas and around decks.

Many gates are made of aluminum tubing. This is one application where the lightweight nature of this alloy makes it an excellent choice. Even wide gates can be very easy to open and close with automatic systems or manually, very different from the heavy cast iron or steel options that can be cumbersome to try to move.

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