Using Organic Cane Sugar: Tips And Ideas

Many people today are looking to alternative sweeteners to the  non-sugar artificial sweeteners out there. With increasing concern about these chemical products, there has been a return to the use of traditional organic cane sugar for use in beverages as well as in cooking.

There are different levels of purity of organic cane sugar. Ideally the best option is to choose when is known as an evaporated cane juice crystal formula. This is may also be known as ECJ (evaporated cane juice), and it is really very similar to traditional white table sugar.

The Look

The biggest difference immediately evident with organic cane sugar is the look of the product. It is not refined the same way as table sugar or white sugar, and it will have a slightly tan to brown color. In addition, you will be able to see a small square to rectangular crystals which will be slightly different in shape and size.

The Benefits

Sugar production for refined sugar is a big industry. The crops are grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to produce the most plentiful crops. This means some of those chemicals are absorbed by the plant and end up in the refined sugar.

Organic cane sugar, on the other hand, is raised without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any type of synthetic growing agent or chemical. This means the resulting sugar crystals are free from contaminants without any loss of the wonderful sweet taste.

Unlike refined white and brown sugar, which has no nutritional value, organic cane sugar contains amino acids, antioxidants, mineral, and vitamins. These are in the sugar as it is the unprocessed and evaporated juice from the organic sugar cane.

Using Organic Cane Sugar

It is simple to use organic cane sugar in most recipes as it can be substituted directly for the refined white sugar or brown sugar called for. When a very fine sugar is required, the cane sugar can be ground in a processor or in a mortar and pestle to create a powder perfect to blend into other ingredients.

It is important to keep in mind organic cane sugar is a coarser “grain” of sugar and will take slightly longer to dissolve, especially in cold drinks. It also has a more robust flavor, making it a favorite for many in all types of drinks, recipes and just for a little extra touch of sweetness.

Organic Merchants Co., Inc. offers organic cane sugar in 5 to 20 pound bags for your convenience.

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