Using Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning in Twin Cities

A healthy indoor environment is the start to a healthy home. Soil and dirt tracked in by kids, pets, and shoes can become embedded in the carpet fibers, resulting in traffic patterns and dark spots. This is where carpet cleaning in Twin Cities will make a difference.

Conventional steam cleaners count on detergents, soaps, and other toxic chemicals to make your carpets look cleaner than they actually are. The reality is most carpets wind up covered in chemicals that never get fully extracted. Detergents and soaps dry in the fibers, acting as dirt magnets.

Why Hot Water Extraction

If you have never heard of the hot water extraction method of cleaning carpets, it is likely because it is often called “steam cleaning.” Whichever you want to call it, as a homeowner you only need to know hot water extraction is the best method on the market.

If you have doubts, look directly to the carpet industry for clues. Almost every major carpet manufacturer recommends this method to keep your home carpets clean. There is a reason almost every major carpet cleaning in Twin Cities has hot water extraction as the method of choice.

How it Works

Hot water and cleaning agents are propelled into the pile of your carpet at high pressure, causing loosening of grime, soil, and dirt. At almost the same time, a high-power vacuum extracts the hot water, along with the stains and loose dirt. While portable units which can be rented do a passable job to the naked eye, they are not as efficient as truck mounted units.

Professional carpet cleaning in Twin Cities utilizes powerful truck mounted units to inject the hot water and cleaning agents into the carpet at high, concentrated pressure. This ensures deeper cleaning than other systems. The vacuum system to remove the dirt and water is equally superior, removing more cleaning agents and moisture from carpet pile. By reducing the drying time, there is less chance of bacteria, mildew, and mold growth. Carpets are left odor-free, soft, and clean.

Pet Stains on Carpet

When it comes to offensive pet stains on your carpet, the cleaning process of hot water extraction is needed. There is no comparison, even among other professional methods of carpet cleaning in Twin Cities. Spot cleaning is also a viable option if you are in between professional cleanings. The key is to get the stain the moment it occurs. Soak up the stain, apply a specialty carpet cleaning solution, and gently press to remove the stain. Never scrub vigorously. Deep scrubbing drives stains deeper into the fibers. Repeating this process is the only way to get rid of pet stains until you have arranged an appointment for carpet cleaning in Twin Cities.

When carpet cleaning in Twin Cities is done on a regular schedule, your home will smell fresher, and carpets will last much longer.

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