Using Divorce Lawyers In Bel Air MD

When someone decides they no longer wish to be married to their partner, they will need to contact one of the Divorce Lawyers in Bel Air MD to help them go through the procedures in separating legally. Getting a divorce can be an extensive process if the parties involved are not in agreement about the division of property or custody of children. In most cases, having an attorney will be necessary in any type of divorce. Here is a run down of the order of events that would need to be followed when getting divorced.

First, the attorney will draw up paperwork specifying their client is filing for a divorce. This paperwork will be delivered by hand to the other party, so there is no question as to whether they were aware of the impending divorce. They will be told when the court date is scheduled for and will recommend that they get their own attorney.

The attorneys will be in contact with each other throughout the divorce procedures. They will recommending mediation be done to decide on temporary custody of any children. The mediation session may also be necessary if there is a discrepancy about the division of property or money. This session is often done with the attorneys present.

If the parties are in agreement regarding property division, the process is relatively easy and there may not be a need for a court date at all. If there are disagreements, they would need to be hashed out between the attorneys in an attempt to come to a favorable conclusion for both parties. If an agreement cannot be made, a judge will listen to each party and will make a decision on who would be keeping assets.

Having the right attorney to represent someone wishing to get divorced is important. When selecting one of the Divorce Lawyers in Bel Air MD ask others for recommendations and reviews. Giving a call to Maria Caruso Bel Air MD can be a great choice in having legal representation. This lawyer will be able to give advice in the proper way to proceed. Call for an initial consultation if desired.

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