Using An Alignment Tool In Dallas To Correct Misaligned Machines

In order to have proper machine alignment, the right steps have to be taken. It’s important that the correct Alignment Tool in Dallas is used for the job. Also, regular maintenance and monitoring of the machine must be done. There also has to be a system of inspections in place. When a machine is misaligned, there is a great risk of downtime. For a manufacturing business, downtime can cost a lot of money. Misaligned machines can also cause extensive damage to important components such as couplings and seals. Machine operators know how important it is to have all belts and shafts on machines aligned correctly.

Laser Precision is important for aligning a machine. A laser-guided Alignment Tool in Dallas is a must for proper machine alignment. The right tool is designed with both inexperienced and experienced users in mind. Quality tools will have procedures that are already programmed inside of the tool. These procedures can assist with setting up testing and also help an operator correct any alignment problem. Even though tools are now easier to use than ever before, it’s still wise to have an experienced operator train someone who is new to using an Alignment Tool in Dallas.

So what are some of the problems that misaligned belts and shafts can cause with machines? One of the most common problems is increased friction. When more friction is produced, there will be excessive wear going on with the machine. Increased friction also leads to higher energy costs. Excessive wear will definitely lead to parts failing before their time. There can also be lubricant leakage when an alignment problem is present. Machine operators will also notice that there are more noise and vibration coming from misaligned machines. The excessive vibration can cause fasteners to come loose or break.

There are times when a machine’s alignment problems may be due to something that is referred to in the industry as a soft foot. This is when a machine is not sitting correctly on its base plate. Such an alignment problem is easy to fix with a shim plate. It’s always best to use a tool to check a machine’s alignment instead of just relying on visual inspection.

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