Using a Self Storage Facility in Baltimore for Your Home Staging Business

Where do you store your supplies for your home staging business? You may have just started working with home owners who are trying to get top-dollar for the sale of their houses. As a result, you know the value of using and re-using your own inventory. However, when it comes to storing things, you may have filled your garage and have overflow in your home office too. In order to get control of the problem, you need to look into a Self Storage Facility in Baltimore.

By renting a unit at a Self Storage Facility in Baltimore, you will have the space you need to clearly locate what you want. So, when your services are needed, you will simply go to the storage facility and take out the chairs, tables, lamps or whatever else your design calls for. This will save you money over renting out a large warehouse and then paying someone to manage it and ensure that it is secure. Further, you will be able to use your garage for your car again, and you will not have to step over objects in your home office in order to get to your desk.

When you work from home, as a home stager, it can be challenging. However, your clients should never know that. If they book an appointment to meet with you at your home office, they need to see a well designed office and not clutter. After all, this is your business, and you have to shine. So, do what works. What works is renting a storage unit. In fact, depending on how much furniture and accessories you need to store, you may need to rent more than one unit.

Call the consultant from S and E Mini Storage today and tell him about your home staging business. Then ask him about rates and book an appointment to tour the facility. You will love seeing the facility in person, and it will not take you long to discover the benefits of having a dedicated space for your items. Once you have moved everything into the storage unit, you will be glad that you did. Make the call now.

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