Uses for a Variety of Hat Channel Sizes

Various hat channel sizes are used in the construction of metal buildings. These fundamental pieces of hardware can also often be used in place of 1 x 4s. Hat channels offer greater strength than wooden trusses.

Securing Vertical Panels on Metal Buildings

Some hat channel sizes are used to secure the vertical panels that are used in the construction of metal buildings. You simply line up the panels all along the wall. The hat channel is fixed to the top of the wall and the top side of the panels is slid into the channel to create standing sheets. This will securely seal off the corrugating groves in order to effectively improve insulation, waterproofing and help to keep out intruding birds and insects as well.

Strong Structural Pieces for Custom Metal Work

Another common place to find hat channel is as strong structural pieces for custom metal work. These structural pieces can include swing arms and overhead crane beams. The structural metal on a building will be the heavy duty, load bearing steel, such as awnings and facades. Hat channel provides the ideal hardware for this type of metal work.

Structural Pieces for Farm Hardware

There are a large number of uses for various hat channel sizes when it comes to the structural pieces of hardware that are used on many commercial, residential and hobby farms. On the smaller farms, hat channel can be found on gates and various cages for multiple uses.

On the larger farms, hat channel is used in the windmills that generate power and levies located in cattle ponds. In addition, this type of hardware can also be used in the swing arm for an overhead crane that is used to lift engines and assist in the maintenance of farm tractors and other heavy equipment, such as cherry pickers.

Framing Members for Buildings and Other Structures

Finally, a wide variety of hat channel sizes are used as framing members for buildings as well as many other structures. The prefab components of metal buildings come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the fastest growing uses for metal studs and hat channels in the residential industry is in the design of steel frame homes that are located in high storm areas.

These are only a few of the most common uses for hat channel. More and more beneficial applications in the metal building industry as well as other areas are constantly being discovered.

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